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Cushion Designer

Customize the shape of your cushions

With our interactive cushion designer you can create just about any cushion size and shape you can imagine. Get an exact fit for an oddly shaped sectional corner piece or create cushions with specific shapes for custom made furniture. Our custom shaped cushions are made in a boxed edge construction with no ties. For detailed information on how to use the custom cushion designer see our detailed instructions below. Once you get the hang of it, you'll see that you can create an almost endless number of cushion shapes with this powerful design tool.

Size of Mattress

Choose your Thickness and Mattress layer foam
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Fifth layer $ 0.00

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Select Cover Mattress

Select from our hundreds of in-stock fabrics or send us your own fabric by selecting Custom Fabric (COMFAB) in our fabric gallery.

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We can make all corner like below with any size you desire

How to use this program

For make special corner or any others shapes for your Cushions, Pillows, Mattress, Rv Mattress, Camping Mattress, please use this instructions-:
1) Choosen yours sizes of Cushion, pillow, Mattress,( thickness, Deep or Length, width )
2) Now every corner to be Square, Round, chamfer, notch and now choose one of them
3) Choose the size of corner


Select Corner