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Availability/Unavailability of product

It is very important that you understand that all the cushions that we feature in our cushion collection are manufactured according to customer order. We do our best to regularly update the Cushiono.com fabric collection, but the availability (or unavailability) of these products is ultimately determined by our suppliers. We, thus, do not warrant that all the fabrics found on our service will be available from the manufacturer. We will immediately notify you by e-mail if any fabric ordered by you is no longer available.

Construction of cushion

Cushiono.com utilizes two different types of constructions in its cushion making.
First, our boxed edge cushions have well-defined edges, and are constructed in such a way that the top and bottom fabric panels are held together by an additional band of fabric between the two panels. The thickness, length, and depth are measured seam to seam, with the boxed construction having a slight loft that adds between half and inch to one and a half inches to the thickness because of the fiber batting that is added to the polyurethane foam. Please see the cushion filling page for further information.
Our waterfall edge (or knife-edge) cushions, on the other hand, are constructed with the upper and lower fabric panels sewn directly to each other, thus creating a softer, smoother edge that looks like a waterfall when filled. Please note that the measurements for waterfall edge cushions from Cushiono need to begin at the center, and not on the edges. Also, note that the sides must be up by a straight edge for proper measurement.

Cushion filling

Our boxed construction cushions come with industry-standard medium-density closed-cell sheet Polyurethane Foam with Fiber Batting, made with a thin polyester foam wrapper that will add between half and inch to two inches of additional low-density loft to the polyurethane filled cushions. These cushions are perfect for ottomans, seats, benches, deep seating, and chairs.
Waterfall construction bench cushions come with foams that are one inch thinner, but they do have enough fiber batting wrapped around to make up for the one inch. For waterfall construction made for ottomans, seats, deep seating, and chairs cushions however, we use a filling of polyester fiber fill. This polyester fiber fill is layered vertically and is heat-bonded. We ensure that it is free of any bonding agents.
Please note that we, as a matter of policy, do not use fibers that are resin-bonded because they break down easily and cause cushions to become filthy.
Also note that it is possible for your cushions to be delivered folded or squashed since they are soft products that may shift during shipping. You can easily remedy this issue by unfastening the product, realigning the foam and reshaping it with your hand. Where there is no zipper, all you have to do is to squeeze and smooth the foam out. Also, the welt and seams may need adjusting. Please see our welt segment for more information.
WARNING: We are a company that complies with the California Proposition 65 Warning stipulation. We therefore want to inform you that products containing foam can bring you into contact with Toluene diisocyanate as well as other chemicals which have been determined by the State of California to cause cancer. Please visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov for more information on this.


As a type of invisible trimming sewn into the seams of cushion to give an appearance of a piping or tubing, welting is optional on all Cushiono.com custom made cushions. Going off of your choice, we can make welting in either the original fabric of your cushion or in a contrasting color. Welting typically provides a cleaner look and enhances the durability of stitching.

You must allow a single welt for waterfall edge construction cushions (as there is only one seam), and double welt options for the top and bottom seams of the pad cushions for a boxed edge construction have.

Please note that welting adds up to ¼” (one quarter inches) to the dimensions on all sides of the cushion.

If during shipping, the seams and the welt become uneven, please pull the seams or welt to even them out with the foam.

Cushion zippers

We customarily include a convenient zipper for the opening and closing for most of the cushions that we make. When we include zippers, you will usually find them on the back width. All of our seat cushions, bench cushions, deep-seating seat and back cushions that utilize the boxed edge construction method have their zippers on the cushion covers, on the back width.

On the other hand, all waterfall edge cushions, hinged chair and chaise cushions are sewn shut and made without zippers. Throw pillows also do not include zippers.

Proudly American

We are a proudly American company. All Cushiono.com products are manufactured at the Cushiono production facilities located in the state of California.

Warranty Information

Beginning on the date of purchase, Cushiono.com only offers a six-month warranty on all of its cushions, pillows and umbrella covers. Please note that this is a limited warranty.

We warrant that the cushions and other products shall be free of defects (defined in this warranty as flaws that have a negative effect on the utility of the product) of workmanship or materials used during production. This comes with the condition that the product in question is used under normal and proper conditions.

If any materials or workmanship provided by us proves to be defective during this six-month warranty period, Cushiono.com will repair or replace, at its sole discretion, the defective product. You accept that our assessment will be absolute on all matters relating to the condition of any allegedly defective item.

Cushions affected by any type of abuse such as but not limited to misuse, negligence, vandalism, incorrect cleaning methods as per our cleaning instructions, no maintenance, or expansion and/or shrinkage post-delivery, are not covered by this warranty. The warranty is also void and null in instances of wind damage to an umbrella frame and/or umbrella cover.

Please note that this is a nontransferable warranty, specifically excluding products used in a commercial setting and products made using your own fabrics.


All Cushiono’s ties are 12 inches long and come in a set, as per customers’ dimensions. Please note that these ties are placed accordingly, which means that ties placed at back corners will be placed along the back width of the cushion, while four ties at all corner will be placed on all for corners. Also, two ties at the back will be placed along the back width of the cushion, four ties at front and back will be placed on the front width, and back width, two ties at the side will be place on the depth of the cushion.

We will not be liable if you receive the ties in the wrong place as a result of your incorrect input of dimensions.