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State sales tax

State sales tax will apply only to Cushiono.com orders shipped to addresses within the state of California, as the Cushiono production facility is located in southern California.

Sales tax collected

If the delivery location of your Cushiono.com order is within the state of California, your order will include a sales tax charge, as we are required by law to collect any state sales tax when we make an in-state shipment.

Credit card charges

Typically, your credit card charge should be equal to the total on your invoice confirmation e-mail from Cushiono.com. In the rare case that there is more than one charge on your credit card record within the first 48 hours of your order, it may mean that your credit card company confirmed your credit for your Cushiono.com transaction more than once

In due time, all extra confirmations will disappear, and there will ultimately be only one actual charge. However, if your credit card company confirms that there was more than one charge, or if you have other questions about billing discrepancies, please use our contact form to submit your question.


All payments must be made in full prior to the beginning of the production process, as we offer tailor-made services, as per customer specifications.