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How to place your order

The first step is to select your preferred Cushiono.com product. Once you are done adding all your products to the cart, please click the button for checkout. On our checkout page, it is important to follow the instructions by entering your billing information and shipping information. Finally, click on “confirm order”.

Tracking your order

We will make sure to e-mail you updates as per your order status. To see the details of your order in full and to acquire tracking information, please provide your order number and your e-mail address. It is important that you enter this information just as it appears on your receipt. Please contact our customer service team using our Contact Form If you do not have your order number.

Fabric yardage

We allow customers to order fabric yardage from Cushiono.com by browsing our fabrics segment, choosing their fabric, and adding the quantity of yards they’d like to their shopping carts.

Payment optionsWe accept Visa®, American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard®, or PayPal (including Echeck payments).

E-mail confirmations

Even where you have requested not to receive promotional e-mail messages from Cushiono.com, please note that we will still send you e-mail confirmations when you place an order on our website, as this is an integral component of our service.


If you are experiencing errors when checking out, it could be that you did not fill one or more compulsory fields in the form; you entered invalid data; and/or your provided billing name and/or address is different from the information your credit card issuer has about you.
If this is not the case, and you inputted only correct information, please try another card for your Cushiono.com purchase. You may then contact the non-working card issuer to report the problems you experienced.

Please contact our support team using the contact form if you’d like to have some help in completing your transaction with another credit card.

Turnaround time

We currently have a turnaround time of 30 business days to make umbrellas, slings, cushions, and other custom-made outdoor products. This turnaround time may, however, differ, based on factors such as but not limited to fabric availability and the time of the season.

Returns and exchanges

We custom-make all Cushiono.com items as per customer stipulations, paying special attention to customers’ choice of fabric colors, sizes, as well as other custom qualities. For this reason, items are not exchangeable. We only allow for the return of defective products, as allowed by Cushiono.com, complemented by the proper documentation as requested by a Cushiono.com representative. All defective product claims must be made no longer than five business days after receipt of the order.

It is possible for your cushions to be delivered folded or squashed since they are soft products that may shift during shipping. You can easily remedy this issue by unfastening the product, realigning the foam and reshaping it with your hand. Where there is no zipper, all you have to do is to squeeze and smooth the foam out. Also, if during shipping, the welt and the seams become uneven, please pull the welt or seams to even them out with the foam. Minor imperfections with cushions usually work out over time. If none of these steps remedy the issue, you may then contact the customer service center.

Under no circumstances will we accept returns, as long as the products have been manufactured correctly to your specification.

Also note that we have the right to deny your defective product claim if you do not respond to our request for corroborating pictures of damaged products.

Changing your order

You must contact us immediately if you notice a mistake in your order after you have placed it by contacting our customer service team using the form on our website. If your message reaches us just a couple of hours after order placement, we will do our best to correct the problem. We will however be unable to correct any errors after many hours of order placement, and we may have to charge you extra cost if we have already cut the materials for your initial order.

Canceling an order

You must contact us as soon as possible after order placement if you want to cancel your order. If your order cancelation request reaches us before we have cut the materials for your order, we will accept your request. However, since all our products are custom made to customer specifications, we will be unable to honor your request once the materials for your order have been cut. Please check our Terms of Service for further information.

Product Sizes

While all orders are made as close as possible to customer specifications, we cannot guarantee that finished sizes will be exactly as you specified due to the dynamic nature of the materials used to produce the cushions and pillows. You accept that there are many reasons that may change the cushion size, and must allow for a variation of up to half an inch on most cushions and two inches on pillow dimensions. You accept that all sizes on the website are an approximation.

Please note that the measurements for waterfall edge cushions from Cushiono need to begin at the center, and not on the edges. Also, note that the sides must be up by a straight edge for proper measurement. The boxed construction has a slight loft that adds between half and inch to one and a half inches to the thickness as a result of the fiber batting added to the polyurethane foam.

Also note that adding double or single welt trimming may add up to ¼” (one quarter of an inch) to the dimensions on all sides.

Defective merchandise

You must reach us with your defective merchandise claims within two business days of receiving your order, and must wait for our authorization before returning any defective product. This must be supplemented by the proper documentation that we request. Refusal to abide by these instructions means that we will be unable to change the defective merchandise.